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20th REUNION (Aug 2 - 3, 2013)

                                                                                        Thank you to all who attended the 1993 Reunion this past weekend and made it a great success.

                                                                                        It was so wonderful to reconnect and catch up with everyone after so long.

                                                                                        To those who could not make it for one reason or another - you were missed, and we look forward to seeing you at an event soon.


                                                                                        I would like to thank the Reunion Committee for their efforts planning the event, reaching out, and spreading the word.  

                                                                                        I especially want to recognize Michelle Tryon Wardle Eggers for creating such a touching Memorial Table,

                                                                                        as well as Tara Livingston Beaugy and Grace (Becky) Dillon for arranging with the banquet staff and the band.

                                                                                        I’d also like to introduce our new volunteers who will join in planning the 25th Reunion:

  • Jennifer Briggs Santabarbara
  • Sherri Buchardt
  • Joseph Patmos
  • Stephanie Supley Sheppard
  • Eric Brennan
  • Joseph Glasser
  • Heather Jean Skalwold
  • Joseph Russo


                                                                                        If anyone else is interested in assisting us, please let me know at info[at]


                                                                                        Best wishes always,

                                                                                        -Ralph Brooks